Top Five Efficiency Tips

Six Steps to Efficiency

Top Five Efficiency Tips

1  Eliminate Bottlenecks   A bottleneck is created when someone can't find or access what they need. Begin asking of each piece of information, "Is this needed to support a necessary business process?" The answer can help you prioritize the records you create and share each day so the most important information is organized immediately. Eliminating bottlenecks is a great way to keep processes moving smoothly throughout your company.

2  Paper to Pixels   Analyze your workflows to determine where transitioning to digital records would make the most sense. Then, establish a procedure for the timely conversion of paper records to an electronic format.

3  Zoom in on Copies   Examine your current processes and look for areas where redundant copies of records are draining efficiency. Any situation where multiple copies are created can be refined with the help of centralized, electronic storage that provides company-wide access.

4  Prepare for the Unexpected   The unexpected can - and does - happen. Implement disaster recovery processes that ensure that paper and electronic records can be restored following an unplanned interruption to business.

5  Streamline   Test workflows and reduce steps to the least amount of touches, exchanges or approvals to improve throughput to ensure that as volume of activity changes, you can easily adjust to compensate.