Top Five Cost Saving Tips

Six Steps to Eliminating Hidden Costs

Top Five Cost Saving Tips

1  Turn Down the Volume   Reduce the cost of storing ever-growing quantities of paper and electronic records by keeping only what records are necessary to support critical business processes and meet regulatory requirements.

2  Accelerate eDiscovery   Litigation makes the timely and accurate discovery of records a necessity. Companies can minimize staff labor costs by leveraging technology-based solutions that can accelerate the process of locating and accessing records requested in litigation proceedings.

3  Protect Your Best Assets   Make it a priority to protect vital information. The inability to produce records, such as articles of incorporation, patents, or contracts, could lead to lost business.

4  Tier your information   A hierarchical storage approach is a great tactic for controlling the costs associated with maintaining information of varying types. For example, separate the frequently accessed files that must be kept in primary storage from those that can be moved to a less-expensive archive.

5  Do It Yourself with Caution   Moving away from a DIY approach can eliminate many of the costs incurred from time spent handling, searching for, or storing information yourself. Outsource some or all of these tasks to a qualified provider capable of handling them on your behalf.